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Psychological counseling

We all sometimes come to a point where we no longer know what to do - at work , in love and with ourselves with the körperzenterierten psychological counseling offers by an appreciative attitude and much mindfulness a protected space , to detect patterns and feelings . understanding and relationships with today's life .


The focus is not only talking about the mind but also the body . In the therapeutic process, we do not focus on the problem , but try to make your inner and attitudes conscious . By becoming aware that Entfixierung on the problem and the energy and resource activation the spirits awake again and man can realign . No matter how big or small the crisis .


The aim is that vitality and energy to come back into the flow and so dissolve blockages and a development occurs .


With a holistic approach and the tools of humanistic psychology , the focus of my work is aimed at :


- Crisis situations , emotional and physical Erschöpfungszutände

- Professional and personal positioning , orientation

- Reduced self-esteem , termination reflection and forgiveness work

- Relationship problems in the partnership or in the workplace

- Mourning

- Coming out



No clarity on the next steps , decision difficulties in choosing a career or career in the wrong movie ? In such situations, it helps to talk with an independent person and thus to arrive at a new way or to take the next step in attack .

Process-oriented coaching has to meet the goal of personal challenges with customized solutions . The coach takes the client no duties or responsibilities from but supported him to find in the joint meetings new ways to clarify or define next steps . 

The solution-oriented approach is not the problem , but the goal in the center , thus enabling personal development in a relatively short time .

The coaching offer is aimed at adults and young people :

- Positioning and reacting professional changes
- Neurorientierung at work
- Vision Quest and brainstorm and plan the next steps
- Personal coaching and situational support in career choice questions
- Communication Coaching : marketing / appearance / content
- Request for more resources
- Releasing of old / set goals tackle / new


17 May-24 May 2017

Retreat in Greece : Relax with the internal team on Lesvos

Experience a stimulating and achtame out on the beach . Together with like-minded people you will find peace and distance from everyday life , inner harmony and joy .

Content of the retreat :

- Getting to know the internal team ( personality traits / Egostates )
- Contact and exchange with the internal team ( self-awareness )
- Yoga, meditation , silence ( on the way to serenity )
- The beautiful scenery , the sea, the hot springs , enjoy life .
- Delicious and healthy food

​​12. November 2016

Workshop in Zurich : Stressed or already in burn-out ?

Feel exhausted and think it could be a burn-out ?
As I recognize that I am augebrannt ?

This workshop shows you in a holistic way , to regenerate and not to fall into the burn-out case .

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