psychological counseling & coaching



For me and Alexandras Counseling a blessing.


Finally there was a Vis à Vis that open, trusting and competent listening and me new ways and possibilities "Tools" pointed out that felt good and who support me in my everyday life.

For me , these counseling sessions feel like a spa time for my soul.


Experience a stimulating and mindful time out on the beach . Together with like-minded people you will find peace, distance from everyday life and joy.

With professional support , see mind and soul into harmony and inner balance.

Current offer 7 days Greece for CHF 1590.- in a beautiful retreat on the island of Lesbos .


We all sometimes come to a point where we no longer know what to do - at work , in love and with ourselves with the körperzenterierten psychological counseling offers by an appreciative attitude and much mindfulness a protected space , to detect patterns and feelings . understanding and relationships with today's life .


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