Each session is tailored to the concerns, the age, the objective of the skills and personality potential of my client. Whether someone visits me for a body-centered psychological counseling or coaching - all have one thing in common dates: We create change.


As client, client, see consistent answers and solutions for your situation. You will see, for example, your chances to change your behavior, reduce your fears, perceive their needs better, strengthen your confidence and realize your goals. 


The solution-focused and holistic approach is supported by process-oriented and systemic methods, among other things:

- Gestalt after Fritz Perls (related to systemic work) - Active / passive exercises - Energy work

- Energy Psychology: Logosynthesis

For professional orientation sometimes work with questionnaires The length of an advisory cycle depends on the scope of the topic. As is specified in the advice of the focus on the solution, the number of session greatly.


Sometimes a few sessions are enough to bring order to his thoughts and identify new opportunities. Often, however, also be demonstrated further aspect, which require a longer collaboration. Typically, a cycle lasts between three and ten sessions.