psychological counseling & coaching


Alexandra Schmid

In addition to my 4-year training as a qualified body-centered psychological consultant IKP (advanced Gestalt therapy) I have many years of experience as a trainer and job coach for young people, professionals, experts and managers in vocational Neuorienterung and positioning.

With a business background, the communication is a recurring theme throughout my career. Be it. As Head of Communications or a journalist

As a presenter at Radio I have hundreds of interviews with people out and exciting program moderated. An instructive time that shaped me and taught to ask incisive questions and listen attentively. My odd CV and my curiosity alive I owe a lot of life experience and a reliable intuition. This coupled with my positive attitude and my humor allows me to deal with the everyday life and its challenges openly.

My work I do as an accompaniment for people who develop in a personal process and want to find more inner peace, Erfüllheit and personal freedom.

For years I lead nebenei a podcast platform that revolves around new consciousness and serving Talks with allerelei exciting Personality



  • Psychological consultant IKP , Department of body-centered psychotherapy IKP Zuric

  • Advanced Gestalt

  • Nonviolent Communication (NVC)

  • Systemic Issues

  • Adult Education , Sveb 1 , EB - Zurich

  • NLP Basic Course

  • Learning Love : inner child work (Dr. Thomas and Amana Trobe)

  • The Work (Byron Katie)

  • Radical Forgiveness (Colin Tipping)

  • Ho'oponopono (Hawaii)

  • Peter Koenig system (money issues)

  • Yogalehererin , Sivananda Yoga training , Yoga Academy India



With a caring heart and listening presence, Alexandra guided me to choose positive direction and accept the truth of my mental, emotional, physical and spiritual being. The session was effective and long lasting.  I. Fairoh, Kauai resident